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Glyph viewer was originally developed by  Stephane BONNELL (01/06/1996) as a simple way to manage the many hundreds of glyphs that a Delphi developer my have in their possession. The last version (1.2) was released in 1996. This version, 1.3, represents a slight update that includes a large number of glyphs than can be viewed at any one time and support for ini files in the user APPDATA (for recording the last search path used) area. A significant part of the time saving feature of  the Glyph viewer is the ability ro right-click over a glyph and copy the path or image directly to the clipboard where is can be easily pasted in to a button glyph or any other component that takes glyphs. This make the entire assignment of glyphs very simple.

To use, download the zip file above and unpack to a convenient location. The zip doesn't include an installer but does include the single exe file that is the Glyph Viewer. For convenience  include the glyphv.exe in the tools menu of the Delphi IDE. The first time the viewer starts it will default to the My Documents Directory. After that one can select the specific directory where the glyphs are stored. When closed, the application will record the last directory used.


Glyph Viewer 1.3


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Herbert M Sauro
WA, 98195